Aksi Budak Lucu Ini Ditonton Berjuta Orang+ Video

He's the miniature mover who is setting the internet alight.

And this fleet-footed dancer doesn't even need a stage to pull in the crowds.

Getting down to Rihanna's fist pumping song Disturbia, the boy throws some tightly choreographed moves as he is filmed by amazed shoppers.

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Who needs a stage? Transfixed by the screen, the boy gets down oblivious of passing shoppers

Watch me move: The youngster dances to Rihanna's Disturbia song with his choreographed moves

Raise your hands in the air: It looks like a young friend wants to join in from outside the shop

The boy is 100 per cent in sync with the computer game character on the screen and never fails to miss a beat.

Even though the game is set to 'difficult' he remains focused as he moves around the Microsoft store in Bellevue Washington.

The couple filming the video repeatedly remark how great the boy is, at one point saying: 'He's playing on hard. How ridiculous.'

Passing customers stop to look at the boy as he continues to strut his funky stuff totally oblivious to the gawking onlookers.


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